The pace of change in today’s business environment is more rapid than at any other time in history.  This includes economic changes, technology changes, consumer behavior changes and demographic changes.   At the same time, the availability of ever-increasing quantities and types of data has created information overload for many companies.  As business becomes more and more technology dependent by the day many companies find themselves faced with a widening set of knowledge gaps.  Experienced and knowledgeable members of management find themselves challenged to keep up with the technology and strategic developments that are changing the way business is conducted.  Even more challenging is the fact that the average age of software developers is becoming younger all the time so it is increasingly likely that the people coding your business solutions have no real business experience.

Most business consultants have also found themselves ill-equipped to deal with the current environment.  Firms both large and small are full of consultants with little or no hands-on business experience.  Many senior members of these firms find themselves out of touch with the latest technology and social trends.  Often, projects are staffed with relatively inexperienced junior consultants who have a limited understanding of the operational and financial factors confronting today’s businesses.

Daniel Grant, principal of DGrant Consulting, has a broad business and consulting background and a rare combination of skills that give him a unique perspective on the challenges facing businesses today.  Daniel is immersed in what is happening now in the technology, online and social landscape and his business experience as both a CEO and CFO enables him to bridge the knowledge gaps at the companies he works with.  In addition, Daniel’s experience as a CPA gives him the ability to provide valuable financial insight and strategic guidance to his clients.